Swivel Omni Block from Rock Exotica

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These blocks eliminate twisting from rope rigging systems with smooth, ball-bearing action. Each precision-fabricated alloy block has a unique button-activated release feature that allows instant access to the sheave for midline attachment.

Block MBS WLL Maximum Rope Diameter Weight
1.1 23.9Kn (5,395lbs) 4.9Kn (1,124lbs) 13mm 5.1oz
1.5 35.9Kn (8,092lbs) 7.9Kn (1,798lbs) 13mm 9.2oz
2.6 80Kn (17,985lbs) 20Kn (4,496lbs) 13mm 1.9lbs
4.5 133.5Kn (30,000) 26Kn (6,000lbs) 3/8" - 3/4" 5.8lbs