Oregon Harvester Bar 401SNCT138 40"

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Length: 40"

Pitch: 3/4"

Gauge: 0.122"

Tail Mount : T138


Product Description

Oregon 3/4" pitch harvester replacement sprocket nose (RSN) guide bars fit at broad range of timber harvesting equipment. Built tough using specialized 3/8" thick alloy-steel with precision-milled grooves. Replacement nose kits are available to maximize bar life.

Product Details

  • Extremely tough and duable specialized solid alloy steel material that minimizes rail chipping and spreading
  • Precision milled grooves are straight and match 3/4 inch chain drive links to maximize performance
  • Bar body tails are chamfered to help prevent damage to chain drive links
  • Rigid and durable replaceable sprocket nose extends the longevity of the bar body.

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Part number ORE 401SNCT138