Notch Dragon 7/16 Climb Line

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Notch Dragon got its name due to it's high strength and scaley, hi-vis appearance. Dragon is a very strong kernmantle line, that is semi-static and perfect for SRS climbing. It's 11.1 mm diameter feels good in-hand, and is functions quite nicely in most mechanical devices.

Dragon is a low-creep rope, taking full advantage of its 32-strand polyester jacket over a parallel twisted nylon core. It's the nylon core that gives Dragon its strength, and a level of shock mitigation. Superior resistance to abrasion and UV is achieved with the high-tenacity polyester jacket.

The low-stretch nature of Dragon is designed to absorb some of the bounciness experienced when ascending with a stationary rope system (SRS), compared to more unforgiving full polyester kernmantles.

Diameter 7/16" (11.1mm)
Tensile Strength 8,800 lbs
Construction Kernmantle
Material (Cover/Core) Polyester/Nylon
Weight (100')

5.98 lbs


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Part Number # ROP DRAGON 7/16