'Full Swing' Axe Handle

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*Handle ONLY, does not include head*

Made of American Hickory, we're proud to offer the 'Full Swing' axe handle. This premium product is manufactured on a lathe. This method of manufacturing ensures consistency in shape and feel between all handles.

At 26", this straight handle includes a generous palm swell. The large eye allows for shaping to fit oversize or irregular axe heads. 

Grain orientation may vary between handles - anywhere from a 45 degree angle to straight. 


  • 26” Hickory Handle, pre-oiled (head NOT included).
  • Partially cut kerf at 1" depth
  • 1 Walnut Wedge
  • 2 Metal Wedges, by Taco Fasteners

Designed by: Garrett Austin, Westcoast Saw Lead Product Tester
Manufactured by: Hoffman Blacksmithing, Tennessee

WARRANTY: Because our axe handles are made of a natural fiber, we do not offer a warranty.