Aquaseal + SR Formula Shoe Repair

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Gear Aid 1 oz. Aquaseal+SR Shoe Repair Adhesive

Fix footwear permanently with Aquaseal SR, a shoe repair adhesive that dries as a strong rubber and lasts for years. Easily complete a boot repair, create durable toe protectors, and even re-build worn heels at home within a few hours. The tough adhesive formula is unaffected by heat or cold, so your shoe repair will withstand the elements whether at a jobsite or on a mountaintop. From rubber boots to steel-toe shoes and everything in between, repair and reinforce your footwear with Aquaseal+SR.

  • Durable: Bonds permanently to surfaces and dries as a flexible rubber that’s tough and abrasion resistant
  • Flexible: Once cured, it’s a flexible rubber that bends with all types of footwear
  • Abrasion Resistant: Strong repairs that can withstand scrapes and scratches
  • Waterproof: Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time
  • All-Purpose: Bonds to leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, and canvas footwear

Part Number # MCN 10410