E-Z Pro Cam Release Lever Binder DIXIE 48405

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Working Load Limit: 5,400 to 9,200 lbs.  For 5/16" Grade 70 or 3/8" Grade 43 chain

Effortlessly release this load binder without using any tools or prying - all it takes is one finger. Due to its unique design, the binder's handle releases the load at the same point every time - when the handle is perpendicular to the body of the binder. Low-energy release prevents the binder from snapping back over center.

  • Binder releases effortlessly without the use of any tools or prying
  • Free turning, 360 degree continuous swivel action in both tongue and clevis for enhanced straight line pull.
  • Highly visible, durable yellow powder coated finish
  • Design factor 4:1