2 inch. X 27 ft. Ratchet Straps

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  • 2 inch.X 27 ft. ratchet straps
  • Pacific Cargo Yellow Ratchet Straps
  • Three different style of hooks  twisted snap hook, flat hook, and wire hook.
  • Great for fastening down cargo or equipment during transport.

*Yes, ratchet straps are very versatile, but that doesn’t mean you can use them to load anything. You run the risk that they can snap on you, and this can cause a lot of damage and injuries – maybe even death. Always make sure that check the strength rating of every ratchet strap and make sure not to overload them.*

WLL (working load limit) 3335 lbs.  same for all 

Part Number # PAC 25027-TSH

Part Number # PAC 26027-FH

Part Number # PAC 26027-WH