Oregon SpeedMax Harvester Bar .404" RSN 752SMRQ114 75 cm

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Length: 75cm

Pitch: .404"

Gauge: 0.080"

Tail Mount : Q114

Product Description

Minimize the time between cuts and reduce vibration for your entire cutting system. The SpeedMax XL replacement nose (RSN) guide bar features a wider and stronger body with a re-engineered tail contour that is less likely to throw chains.

Product Details

  • Superior durability and bar body strength. Reduced chain deflection with wider bar body
  • Rigid and durable 14 tooth replaceable sprocket nose
  • Replacement nose features 28% increase length that absorbs most rail wear and can be replaced several times
  • The larger 14-tooth sprocket features high-alloy industrial bearings - 14% thicker than the competition

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