Fire Wood Pro Sizer Swivel with Green Laser & Red Laser

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Mounts right to your chain saw handle making it easier than ever to cut your wood to perfection with this Fire Wood Pro Sizer Green Laser & Red Laser . USA Made! Laser can be moved up and down to adjust for height. Battery provides more than 5 hours of use. Rechargeable. Typically charges to full charge within an hour. 

*Green laser comes installed on aluminum clamp* *Red laser comes not installed on aluminum clamp (simple install on to clamp)* 

In this box:

  • CNC'd full aluminum clamp
  • 1 Green & 1 red Laser in water resistant casing (on and off buttons, reachargable battery, capped USB-Port)
  • Male Charger cable, USB-C
  • Spare USB-C dust plug
  • 5/32 & 3/32 allan wrench
  • Rubber insert to fit smaller chainsaw
  • Instructions