Timberline Polyester Tool Belt

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The polyester tool belt is the flagship of the Timberline tool belt range and has been recently revamped to meet the changing needs of forestry workers — it's better and stronger than ever. There are multiple wedge pouches, all including the popular wedge remover straps to prevent jamming. This tool belt has the first aid pouch which can be loaded to your requirements from the Timberline range. Also available is a large pouch for a can and chains, leather file holder, and drain holes for every pouch. The Timberline polyester tool belt is the first choice for workers wanting to comfortably load up with gear and then customize with extras. 
  • One size fits most
  • First Aid pouch (to be loaded by purchaser)
  • 2 pouches for wedges, can take 3 wedges
  • Large can/chain pouch
  • Drain holes in pouches
  • Heavy duty YKK belt buckle
  • Wedge removers in wedge pouches
  • Tough polyester riveted construction
  • Made in New Zealand