Buckalloy Aluminum Climbers

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The BuckAlloy™ Aluminum climbers are the most durable aluminum climber in the industry and the most cost-effective lightweight climbers made in the U.S.A. These climbers provide strong, lightweight comfort for total confidence while climbing.

Buckingham’s new Patented GRiP (Gaff Ridge Position) technology: “Climb like the old-timers but feel comfy like the new guys.” says one Journeyman Lineman who has worn the BuckAlloy™ Climbers with GRiP technology.

  • Keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole.
  • Aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
  • The GRiP technology also allows optimum gaff placement on the pole and promotes ease of climbing.
  • Available in  Matte Silver(A94089A-MS), Black(A94089A-BL), and BuckViz Safety Green(A94089A-SG).